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  1. Jannik Hansen

    Wow, Slegr, you really don't understand anything Fortunately the School is starting up Again, and if you start to pay some attention in the lessons and begin to do your homework, then maybe, just maybe... you will understand something... sometime... in a probably distant future! And don't worry about Hansen, Torts will love him! He gives it all in every shift. And yes, he is speedy and his role is not fighting. About Hansen hurting his hand, he actually broke it on the other Guys face! It needed screws and metal to be fixed. For a player like Hansen it does more damage on the team when he has to stay out for months! And no, he has not stone hands, which are something in your head and a few other “Hansen haters”. Hansen would be great with the Sedins but I prefer Hansen, Kesler and Burrows.
  2. Jannik Hansen

    Hansen is getting better each year, take a look at this artickle: http://canucksarmy.com/2013/7/18/does-jannik-hansen-have-top-six-ability