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  1. Hi there how's going how u doin.:)

  2. Ohh haha. That sucks! Did you drop it or something? Iknow thank god for technology!

  3. wow.. Well its great that you joined the boards here! Its still good that you keep in touch with some of your friends back at Connect=)

  4. ohh wow, I never imgained people saying that mean of stuff to you.. I thought it would be stuff like calling you stupid and stuff, but wow, thats just way beyond the point, maybe you should email and explain the NHL Connect why you left and didnt want to come back. Its the better thing to do than just ignoring everything.

  5. and also..what kinds of things were they saying about you which made you leave Connect this badly?

  6. sorry didnt finish off...I was saying that you could still block people if you dont want them to become your contacts.. just please comeback like I said...do it for the people who love you and miss you!<3

  7. are you seriouse! Who would ever hate you! Your like one of the sweetest people as I have said a billion times! And trust me there are a couple assholes out there who just dont appreciate kindness over the internet but that should harm you from going on Connect. Why dont you make a new one and maybe just try staying away from signing contracts and all that stuff... and you can also bl

  8. sorry, it didnt finish the sentence... but just do one thing for me and the others who miss you and love you and dont appreciate you leaving and JUST COME BACK!

  9. Heyy!!! Dont you say that! Maybe there are some people who are just really rude. But I think you were one of the nicest people on connect! And trust me, go look on your wall, everyone is wondering where you are and what had happened to you! Trust me no one is glad that you left, maybe some people yes, but not for others, You were one of the nicest and kindest people on ther

  10. Hmm...well the Phillies beat the Rays to take a 3-1 lead in the World Series...that is new and it makes me happy :) what are you going through?

  11. haha no problem=) Have a great day and we are missing you on connect!


  12. Yep. I'm fine. How are you?

  13. Hahah sorry! Happy Late Birthday Beautiful!

  14. Not to mention the fact that I am part French Canadian and it pisses me off that people hate them for being a Quebec based team. All those scene kids can go to hell <_<

  15. I like them because they are a very good team with skilled players and they play an exciting style of hockey. I also like them because a lot of ignorant turds hate them because they they are the most successful team in all of pro sports.