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  1. In the pool that I am there's a great emphasis on PP, so I'm thinking Gonchar might do better in this regard.
  2. Brutal today. Arrived at production stn from Surrey at 7:55, got on the bus everything looked like it was fine when all of a sudden the bus stops... We got stuck along with 4 other buses. We waited on the bus for about 15 mins then everyone decides to walk back to production stn to get the 145 again...took us 10 mins to walk, had to wait another 15 mins at production stn for the 145 and this bus driver was smart enough not to take the original route (why the hell didnt our previous bus driver and the 4 with him thought of that) and got up to SFU at 9:05. 2 Frkin HOURS! Then I went to class for 10 mins. I can't believe classes were not cancelled.
  3. Umm, NO. SFU has very efficient ways to remove snow.
  4. What the hell, I was just outside a while a go and it was raining. I looked outside my window now, and its snowing! Wow.
  5. I hate lower mainland snow. It always rain before or after snow. Rain before: takes ages for the snow to build up Rain after: snow is gone in a flash I was so happy, it was gunna snow and wut happens....slush Hopefully it'll b better tomorrow