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  1. At least now we know what Clutch's new user name is....
  2. Rumor has it that Clutch was actually Anson Carter, he was trying to get his old spot alongside the Sedins.
  3. He is in the first line so I guess we should expect it yearly. I love how he celebrates his goals! Clutch, please respond to your thread!
  4. Clutch, Alex says hi!
  5. I want to hear from Clutch! hahaha
  6. This thread just keeps on getting better and better for us. And worse and worse for Clutch! hahaha
  7. By the way bradfordchow, would you have been happy to get a guy for <500K/year and for him to get 7 goals and 10 assists/ year? Think about it 7 goals and 10 assists/ year with leading (or being part) of the PK unit for only <500K/year??? That's what Burrows was averaging the past three years. This year he has 21 goals (1 goal short of his total the past three years), great penalty killer, and really a good fit in the 1st line (I'm not saying that he is a first liner that needs to get paid 6-7 million a year but he is a definitely good fit with the Sedins), plays with his heart on his sleeve every night and you wouldn't want to pay him 2mill/year??? yeeeesh tough crowd
  8. Hahahaha.... EVERYBODY.... this is Clutch's other account. And if its not then we should have both their names in the Hall of Shame! You know what make Burrows a great player? He brings his game every night... if he can't score he'll hit, he'll agitate, he'll kill penalties, he'll do something. There are SOME players that score 30-40 goals but if they have an off game then that's it for them. And those guys get paid 6-7million/year?!!! Burrows gets <500K (increased to 2M)/year to do everything he does and you slag him like that??? Seriously, you did think about things before you posted right Clutch? Easy man. This thread was started last October. I'm not defending Clutch at all but if you are trying to flame him then get the facts straight. Nope he made a new account last December (after he was flamed by everyone because of this thread) and the new account name is... bradfordchow. hahaha
  9. ... and clutch is still digging.... and digging.... and diggin
  10. This is actually disturbing....
  11. Has the guy that posted this message ever responded since Burrows started on the Sedin line? Everyday the OP looks more and more like a donkey hahahaha