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  1. If anyone on the PS3 wants to join my GM connected play league I have 6 spots open. Washington , Philly , Montreal , NJ , Carolina , possibly Minnesota and StLouis too League name: BendersRus Facebook page :
  2. yea sorry boys. ill join as boston if its just a sim league.
  3. I dont mean to invade this thread but if anyone is looking for a new league I got 1 with 1 spot available and will be kicking non active GM`s to make more room. We are in season 2 , try and get our games in , then sim is every 3-4 days. Calgary is available at the moment.
  4. Here is my tradeable offers for Kesler according to what Benning would be interested in. Detroit - Mantha + Tatar/or sheehan + 1st Philly - Loughton + S.Morin + 1st Anaheim - Etem + Rakell/Theodore/Palmeiri + 1st Pittsburgh - Pouliot + Bennett/Blueger + 1st Columbus - I'd really only want R.Johansen in a 1-1 deal. maybe add a prospect from their end. 6th team ?
  5. I'm calling it boys, Gillis makes a move either today or tomorrow. heard it here first.
  6. seeing as this is the only decent league for ps3 on here can we get some sims in lol
  7. try again. lets sim
  8. Leagues falling apart. If anyone wants to join another league I'm in we have 23-25 GM's. Detroit Ottawa Florida and a couple others available. We use a Facebook group for Messaging. Pm me for details
  9. Anyone want to talk trade before sim ? Just PM me.
  10. Sim after the game ?
  11. offers for leblanc , sutter , mcginn , lupul , Ehrhoff , neuvirth?
  12. We need to fill this League back up, OP needs to update front page with missing teams. TB, NYR just left the league today
  13. Yea. Edmonton send it over. I'll accept. Phoenix are you online?
  14. phoenix montreal lets play
  15. Anyone interested In Horton or mcginn?