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  1. Likely scenario is they get traded as rental players to a team who feels they can win the cup that year. Then they can re-sign with Vancouver before retiring.
  2. I don't disagree with OP's rankings, but they may hold true only within the Canucks roster. How does this compare with the rest of the Pacific, or the rest of the league. What freaks me out is how do we replace Sedin scoring (previously point-per-game guys)? They may contribute 60 to 70pts this upcoming season and then who knows after that. I don't see anything in the roster that is capable of competing with the top lines of many teams.
  3. Screw history. Tonight is about tonight!
  4. Just carry him. They will let you in, but he needs to sit on your lap. That's what I did with my 3yr old.
  5. Do you know anyone in North America with a live feed? My friend lives in Hong Kong. He basically streams off a SlingTV device which is hooked up at his sister's condo in Vancouver. Haha.
  6. To be accurate, I believe multiple involved parties bear some level of responsibility in the events leading up to the "incident". Both organizations should and could have diffused the situation (not running up the score, not putting certain players on the ice). To put the blame squarely on Bertuzzi and the Canucks lets many other parties off the hook.
  7. When you come from a reservation, you're already behind the 8-ball from day one. Though Gino was playing mainly a goon role back in the day, good on him for making the NHL and having a memorable career. I'll forever remember his goal celebrations. Anyway, to all the thousands of CDC members, let's give this man and his family a financial boost. I'll gladly give up a few lattes and donate to GinoStrong.