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  1. I really do not like this new site or layout way to difficult to navigate took me 10 mins to just find these forums. Loved the old layout if it aint broke don't fix it. That's my 2 cents i will not be coming here as often.
  2. And Carey Price picked up Panago Pizza in Kelowna where i work on draft day so what who cares.
  3. So who is Benning picking with the number 6 pick?
  4. Yes no point before then.
  5. I don't see any first line players in the group of kids we have at best Horvat and Virtanen become second liner's.
  6. It would get me watching again.....
  7. They are not tanking, did you see some of those saves by Reimer no way the Canucks are doing this on purpose they are just this bad and get used to it i see no light at the end of this tunnel with this team as it is even with a top 3 pick.
  8. I don't see any top line core player's coming out of any of our new prospects i think a rebuild should include signing a few big names such as Stamkos. WIth a prospect pool as bad as the Canucks have i see no other way of doing it.
  9. Betman's dream is coming true no Canadian teams in the playoffs he has been pushing for this for years. These bad calls happen more often to all the Canadian teams (toronto the exception they are the center of the universe) then the american teams.
  10. Because Vey has to clear waivers to get sent back down so instead of losing him to another team play him.
  11. Most of them move to Kelowna B.C. after they retire. A lot of Nhl player's have summer homes here also.
  12. Not used to playing that many games in a short span i have to call bs on that the Kelowna Rockets just played 5 games in 9 nights....
  13. If the Leafs think he's good then he must of sucked on to bigger and better!!!
  14. Virtanen said this ....."I kind of saw him at the last second," said Virtanen, who may have been fibbing a tad. He had McDavid lined up for the hit. "I saw him and I wanted to get a good hit on him, ‘cause he’s one of my buddies." If i saw my friend out there on the other team i would nail him as hard as i can to!!!!
  15. This is what i posted on Sunday to my facebook.....I just want to say Thank You to Trevor Linden for setting this team on the right track it was a fun season to watch. Good Job Vancouver Canucks!!! That's how i support my team and always will.