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  1. Happpy Birthdayy :)!

  2. iknoww .. thats why when i met him, i didnt really count it as a meet and greet :P.. CAuse i wanna talk to bieksa and get to know him more:P

  3. ahha, yeeah i knoww :) it sucks like hell,, have you ever met bieksa before :)?

  4. haha, iknow! it was an awesome fight! It was probably one of the best fights iv seen bieksa ever fought in before! He was AMAZING, haha, and not much, justt waiting for tmrws game :) hha

  5. yeeah, i knoww.

    i was glad he played yesterday! hha, so whats uup :)?

  6. Nice video. Wow that was a great goal my reaction was exactly like Jovo's haha I miss Naslund

  7. for sure! I love him to death..

    haha, im glad he wasnt seriously hurt yesterday.. I was so worried about him..

  8. Ahaha, Another bieksa fan! awesomee:)