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  1. leave honey badger alone! he's producing points, generating chances, and as you said, works hard with a low cap hit. what do you want dude? And no, he isn't "raffi torres" type.. you know why? Because his role on the team is not to be raffi torres-like
  2. neither haha, i'm just studying french

    and no problem =)

  3. Bonjour ;o)

    Francophone or francophile?

    Thank you for the endorsement

  4. oh yay! another way of bashing luongo! so much for analyzing burr + the sedins as well. I mean you can easilyy sum up the rest of the team in about 5 sentences. But to bash luongo? you're gonna need 2 and half more paragraphs just to do that. props to all those "fans" who just seem to have it out for our all-star goalie.