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  1. whos wearing letters in Utica? and why was grenier scratched?
  2. Ive had almost the same experience in rexall. Except it was after a game and van had just beat the coilers in a shoot out.. we had glass seats soo obviously decked out in van gear including signs and flags, anyway after the game walking out we and my buddy were constantly harassed and had our sign ripped and our flags ripped off our back. After chasing down some goof for my flag back, im walking back to my buddy when some big east indian dude dressed in coiler shit walks up and suckers me in the nose!!! cops see this and grab me, while hes holding me, big east indian suckers me twice more!!. I get dragged out by the "cop" and thrown outside without my friend right into the big east indian. GREAT! needless to say I spent the night in the drunk tank. No charges though. What a joke oiler fans are.