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  1. Anyone else see the new slap bet countdown on that website? I got a laugh outta that.
  2. <Insert Random Screaming> Can't believe they screwed around with us so much that episode, kinda disappointing.
  3. Oh damn looks like crap just got real with robin!!! I wonder whose the father!! Anyone know if Barney and Robin spent the night together?
  4. I loved that Barney is you know what!! So much more badass, laughed at the end sooo badly!!!
  5. I got a real kick when Kal was pointing out the groups flaws, especially the physical violence part. I really like the way they found out about the gender of their kid. I got a laugh out of the maple syrup and pancakes thing with Robin.
  6. I don't mind Kal Penn, he can hang out for a few episodes. I think I'm just giving him a pass because I LOL'D at Harold and Kumar (NPH is in that movie, love it when he brands the hooker lol). On a side note I really liked the Ewok line, I thought it was hilarious. I love how Barney has all this made up science and equations for wheeling and crap like that. Edit: I laughed so hard at the burning bag of puppies.
  7. Did anybody watch tonights episode? Thank god it didn't work out you know who. Talk about dropping the bomb at the end of that episode, gotta love it!
  8. Anyone else get kinda pissed off when they saw you know who at the end of that second episode?
  9. One thing I thought of the other day... The series begins with Ted meeting robin, why? Because Ted is telling his kids the entire story of how he met their mom. For the series to make any sense (starting it off by meeting robin) that means Robin must play a major role in Teds relationship with his eventual wife. Could be as major as at some critical moment Ted seriously doubts his relationship with his future wife and Robin saves the relationship or as simple as Robin introducing them. Does this make sense to anybody else? Or is it just me?
  10. Dude I love your sig
  11. frack me! Did that new episode (garbage island) piss anybody else off?
  12. This is pinned now? Epics lol
  13. I love this show soooooooooo much!!!! Barney is the greatest character ever! Btw I love this show!
  14. I'm just glad I could post something in this legendary thread lol this will live in infamy