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  1. [Extension] Derek Dorsett and Luca Sbisa re-signed

    Everyone is freaking out about Sbisa's AAV but seems to me like Jim Benning is a good business man. He's buying low on a young, big defenseman. If he has a good year next year, you think theres any chance we can sign him to a two year deal at the amount we signed him for? No chance In this league all the teams are so good that you HAVE to have some good contracts to win the cup. Benning took a chance and I rather him do that than us just being "competitive". Who knows if it'll be a good deal or not but thats his job and why we brought him here: to identify talent. And if he's wrong, hes wrong and it'll probably cost him his job. but at least hes got the balls to do what he believes in
  2. haha thanks.

    season finale today

  3. DUDE!!!!! ENTOURAGE RULES!!!! hahaha! Your sig is awesome! I should change my Name to AriGold or something... haha!