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  1. i closed the door, so many times, so many times before...

  2. I'm not, you're right.


  3. is winding and grinding up on that pole.

  4. You aren't real!

  5. You gave your today for our tomorrow

    Uhh, shut up. Go away.. Leave me alone.. Can we have somebody normal make this thread, I feel dirty posting here.
  6. Listen baby I'm sorry

    just wanna tell you don't worry

    I will be late

    don't stay up

    and wait

    for me.

  7. even if my heart, i see, that you're not bein true to me.

    deep within my soul, i feel, that nothin's like it used to be...

    sometimes i wish i could...turn back time...impossible as it may seem...

  8. Uhhhh. Me when I was a model @ home Nvm lol
  9. I don't care who you are,

    where you're from

    as long as you love me


  10. tell me why, ain't nothing but heart ache...

    tell me why, ain't nothing but a mistake...

    tell me why, i never wanna hear you're say,


  11. Baby..

    Please try to forgive me..

    Stay here, don't put out the glow.

    Hold me now, don't bother..

    If every minute it makes me weaker,

    you can save me, from the man..

    I've become.

    Looking back on the things I've done,

    I was trying to be someone.

    Played my part, kept you in the dark.

    Now let me show you,

    The shape of my heart.

  12. What are you listening to?

    MAT KEARNEY He is my dawg.
  13. You are such a cutie pie.

  14. Yeah, say hello. Jerks