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  1. Patrick McNally Talk

    that's the reason why he dropped so much (and the fact that he's committed to Harvard for 3 years, although I guess he could leave after two like Schroeder did (i think?), I expect him to play hockey though, and get a decent job after he retires.
  2. Eastside hockey manager = dope

    I play this, pretty good tbf. First season, 2nd round loss in 6 to the Red Wings. Second season, won the cup Third season, 1st round loss to St Louis after being 3-0 up. Fourth season, game 7 overtime loss in the conference final vs the Flames. Is it just me or is Schroeder not very good on it? I gave him a year on the Moose, then in his first season with the Canucks he put up 30pts, but has been a dud ever since, lost him on waivers to the Islanders.... Luongo is pretty difficult to resign long term, I got a two year extension, but when that was up he signed for the Thrashers on UFA. I'm pretty good at trading my picks though, managed to offload a few players (Demitra, Bernier, Hordichuk, Schneider x2, Wellwood, Glass), pick up a load of picks, managed to trade up for a 1st round, 1st overall pick which I got Taylor Hall with, did the same the season after & got Michael St-Croix, did a Kessel-esque trade with the Hawks for Seabrook, then traded away a 1st, 2 second rounders and a prospect for Duncan Keith in this pre-season. My team is now: ****Hodgson has a broken shin bone, he'd normally be third line centre & St-Croix would be on the top line at the Moose.... The Moose roster is: Henrik's recent stat's: