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  1. Confused Yet? I know I am. ....

    On the closing day of the 1997/98 season, we had: Forwards: - Bure (who would tell management a couple months later he would not play another game for us) - He who shall not be names (wearing Wayne Maki's #11) - Mogilny - Noonan (soon to be out of town, and having finished his only full season with the Canucks) - Scatchard (his first season (of only 2.25) with the Canucks) - Brashear - Zezel - Staios - Walker (taken by Nashville 2 months later in the expansion draft) - May (had arrived 2 months earlier) - Roberts ( AHLer, played 13 games, 2nd and final season with Canucks) - some kid named Naslund (who had had an unimpressive season, and due to hating playing for Keenan, was requesting a trade out of town for the second time) - some new guy named Burtuzzi (who we were all bitter about having lost Linden for) Defence: - Lumme (who signed as a free agent with Phoenix a couple months later) - Hedican - Aucoin - Murzyn - McAllister (first season with Canucks, career borderline NHLer) - Robertsson (first season with Canucks, career borderline NHLer) - some new guy named McCabe (ditto on Burtuzzi story re. Linden) - a promising rookie named Ohlund Goalie: - Irbe (his only season with the Canucks) - Snow (arrived a month earlier) That is every single player who played 12 or more games in the 97/98 season and was still a Canuck on that day. McLean, Linden, Gelinas, Sanderson, Babych, Odjick, and Burke (and others) were gone. Burre, Lumme, Noonan, Walker would be gone before summer's end. Half the team was new in town. My point is, we've been here before. You cited the West Coast Express era as the one you connected with most. Well, 3 of the core pieces from that era (Naslund, Burtuzzi, Ohlund) arrived in this season, but at the time, they were new guys, and none were yet superstars. I think we've got some really, really exciting young players, and some bright days ahead. As Deb said, summers are hard for connecting with the team. Patience... we'll get there.
  2. Let's Get Rid of the 3 point games

    Oh, I should add that both the extra point and the shootout were brought in because of how much everyone hated ties. For those too young to remember, we all loathed ties back in the day. Had the word "memes" been invented by then, "ties suck" would have been a meme. There were even some people who had jerseys made with "Ties Suck" as the player name, no joke. That's why there was so much effort to get rid of them.
  3. Let's Get Rid of the 3 point games

    The extra point system was brought in before they brought in the shootout, and, obviously, way before they switched to 3-on-3 overtime. The idea was to have less ties by encouraging teams to be more aggressive in overtime, the logic being that they no longer had to fear losing their single point. It didn't work. Teams kept on playing conservatively, and we kept having ties. Finally, the league said enough is enough, and brought in the shootout. And voila, no more ties! Obviously, too many games were being decided by shootouts, and thus we now have the 3-on-3 format, which seems to have found a really good balance. (sorry for the history lesson, but presumably some people here are too young to remember back to '99) So here's the long and short of it: the extra point has absolutely no purpose anymore, because games can no longer end in ties. SOMEONE is going to win. If you're good at the shootout, maybe you play a bit more defensively in overtime (although, at 3-on-3, that's pretty difficult). If you're not great at shootouts, you know that you have to be really aggressive in overtime. But either way, with no possibility of a tie, you can't simply sit back on your heals and play conservative. The extra point is thus redundant, and no longer serves the purpose for which it was created. Get rid of it.