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  1. The Brendan Morrison deal - another Calgary question mark

    If you can only view a team in terms of "buyer" or "seller" and don't think they can collectively make moves that address both the future and the present, then you write with your perspective. If you look at the Flames moves, they are moving to get younger and stronger. That is the general theme. Cammy is younger than Bourque. Bmo was resigned last off-season on the hope he would perform as he did last season. He didn't, largely due to his injury. There was absolutely no intention of resigning a 37 year old C this off-season and he was a healthy scratch. Why not move this player for any return you can get? Bmo was not contributing to the playoff run and he wasn't a part of the future. So why not trade him for any return you can get? It isn't low expectations it is watching the player and recognizing his current level of play. The Hawks need C depth, it makes sense for them to try with Bmo but they will not resign Bmo. The Flames have several 3rd -4th line C players. Your article is driven essentially by an old view of Bmo and a dig at the Flames. It isn't even fair comment. At worst the trade, like many, simply addresses the needs and goals of both teams. The Flames have no need of additional 3rd - 4th line C's with Stajan, Bouma, Jones, Horak etc...
  2. The Brendan Morrison deal - another Calgary question mark

    And LOL on undersold Morrison. I understand how Canucks fans have a favorable bias for Bmo but seriously if you had watched him play this season you would realize that one would be lucky to get a 5th round pick for him, Calgary did considerably better than that with Connelly. Kolanos is a former 1st round pick, 19th overall in 2000 who has had a string of bad injury luck. I am all for giving the man a chance. He certainly looked good against the Hawks with two solid scoring chances. To answer your question, based on the one game I have seen Kolanos play he is a superior choice to Bmo this year. Last year probably not but this year, yes. Again Bmo is really not the same after that knee injury.
  3. The Brendan Morrison deal - another Calgary question mark

    I can not believe you wrote this massive article on Morrison and did not get into the details of how serious the knee injury was he took. He has looked like a shadow of his former self since coming back. He was often a healthy scratch in Calgary this season. The Flames had absolutely no intention of resigning him and whenever you can trade a player about to turn 37 for a 25 year old AHL all-star D man, why not? Morrison is not part of the Flames playoff push. Getting any return at all is a win for them. I'm hopeful he can contribute to the Hawks but given their blow-outs in Edmonton and loss to Calgary it doesn't look good so far. The Hawks thought they were getting the pre-injury Bmo the Flames had last season. They weren't.
  4. The Cammalleri deal - another Flames brain-cramp?

    Explain to me why a team should keep Cap room when they have owners willing to spend the money? Is there another player / better player the Flames can get with the extra money? No? So why not spend it...
  5. The Cammalleri deal - another Flames brain-cramp?

    Oh and the Flames are rebuilding but they are doing it in a hybrid way. It isn't a blow-up / burn it to the ground / wallow in the basement approach. It is for this reason that it is so difficult for so many fans to understand. The Flames have made significant moves for youth and speed in just the last year. They are rebuilding while trying to remain competitive. It is what most teams try to do each year. The basement approach is high risk, very high risk. It can work and take you to a Cup or it can fail a la Islanders, Thrashers, Blue Jackets. You never tank to go down there.
  6. The Cammalleri deal - another Flames brain-cramp?

    Ok, I'll take you seriously and give this one last crack. One of the things fans often do is they look at trades in isolation. They fail to see the bigger picture of a team down the road. They fail to see that a team sometimes has something in surplus which allows them to move a player. They fail to see the long horizon in terms of flexibility, Cap planning and Contracts. So lets lay it out. Calgary has a few things going for it that not all NHL teams do and that is owners who will spend to the Cap, they have no restrictions on this front. This is the reason why Cammy's big Cap hit is not as big a deal as it would be for some teams. So beyond the right now, why does this trade make sense? (1) It stocks another high quality G prospect which points to preparation of a post Kipper era. (2) It also indicates a Kipper trade may be brewing in the future. It allows and prepares for that future Kipper trade. The return from that trade can easily be anticipated to add great value to the Flames as he is probably the most valuable asset to move. (3) Cammy is only 29. He will be 31 in the final year of his contract and AGAIN he will be a movable asset for picks / prospects. Cammy in his final year at the deadline will be a affordable and attractive piece to many teams in 2014. So the Flames can again recycle a player for picks / prospects. (4) Bourque in contrast will continue to depreciate and not be as easy or likely to be moved and certainly not for as good a return. He will be 34 in the final year of his contract and how much value will he have? (5) The Flames moved Patrick Holland who is already tagged as a career AHLer and is a 7th round pick. The Flames won this part of the deal as they upgraded to a 5th round pick in this years thick draft. ________________ The Flames clearly win the deal in the right now but if you break it down and look forward you can also see how it cultivates the soil for future moves. The 2nd round picks the Flames lost not only in this deal but also in the Regehr deal can be picked up not only possibly at this deadline but in future deals at future deadline when it seems likely the Flames will move Cammy and / or Kipper. When you add it all up at the bottom line the trade is very strong in both short and long term value.
  7. The Cammalleri deal - another Flames brain-cramp?

    Find me a quote from anyone, anywhere besides you that says Cammy is not the better player. The plus on Cammy which you also ignore and suits the Flames very well is his contract is only two more years. That works for Calgary on soft rebuild schedule. Plus he is younger than Bork and will be movable at the trade deadline in his final year of his contract at age 31. Bork is going to continue to depreciate, just watch... You got nothing but cost to make your case. Bork is seriously one of the dumbest players on the ice. He goes through huge stretches of non-production, he has a concussion history, he takes bad penalties and this year he is taking suspensions and is on Shanny's poop list forever AND he had four more years. No thanks, good contract to dump. You prefer this over Cammy who even if he is stifled in production in a toxic Habs environment already has proven chemistry with Iggy AND will certainly be an injection into the Flames PP. Heck he has already scored a goal in his first game. You did ignore Ramo because you didn't even mention him in your trade analysis. This trade is a clear win for the Flames. It is win both in the short and long term, 2nd round picks have about a 20% chance of making the NHL. Ramo is hyped as an NHL ready starting G. Maybe that happens, maybe it doesn't but it is still a smart move for the future. How does this trade not address the future and a post-Kipper era by stacking yet another young G. And I think you will be surprised what a G like Kipper will bring to a playoff team who wants a proven vet G. ROLOSON was traded for a first round pick in 2006 and he was not only older but no where near Kipper's level. Kipper will get a 1st and at least a top prospect back. That is simply the return he will command, anything less is oblivious to history. And now you start to argue against the Langkow trade, dude. He was a 4.5 million Cap hit and 35. Plus his injury, cripes dude Stempy is 28 and has outscored Langks and is a 1.9 million Cap Hit. You obviously are bent on dumping on the Flames and they have made trades you can comfortably do that on but this isn't one of them. You're the one with the brain cramp, work it out - the Flames are capable of making good trades sometimes… Deal with it.
  8. The Cammalleri deal - another Flames brain-cramp?

    You completely ignore the Flames acquisition of Ramo in the trade. The best G in the KHL, he is also the piece that will allow the Flames to move Kipper in the future. The Flames now have 2 good young G's in him and Irving. If Ramo becomes an NHL starter as he is already touted, how does this move not make Calgary better for the now and also plan for a post-Kipper era? Pretty weak sauce here. Bourque has been weak since Langkow left. If you don't know that, you don't watch the Flames play. Cammy is a far better player and although he is twice the price his contract is also half as long leaving more flexibility for the Flames two years out. This trade works both ways for the right now and for the future. A Kipper trade will bring a significant return to Calgary, one that will recover more than just a couple 2nd round picks given up in the Regehr / Bourque trades. Pretty short sighted analysis here. The Flames haven't won a trade blatantly in a long time but this one is a clear win from both short and long-term perspectives, to say otherwise is simply biased analysis.