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  1. 16-team H2H - C,C,RW,RW,LW,LW,F,F,D,D,D,D,G,G - no points for PIMS. I had the 10th pick. H. Sedin -VAN- P. Mueller -COL- L. Eriksson -DAL- D. Sedin -VAN- E. Kane -WPG- C. Stewart -STL- M. Hejduk -COL- D. Booth -FLA- W. Wolski -NYR- J. Lupul -TOR- W. Simmonds - PHI- A. Pietrangelo -STL- B. Seabrook -CHI- D. Girardi -NYR- M. Staal -NYR- C. Ward -CAR- C. Anderson -OTT- C. Schneider -VAN-
  2. has anybody else said it? Kevin Bieksa, you are really a free agent!
  3. Some people just won't let up, I can't believe this thread still exists. Kevin Bieksa was the best player of the series for the Canucks. I placed him over Kes because, unlike the 40-goal scoring forward, Bieksa put one in the net He is the best defenceman on the team and this crap really needs to stop. It was interesting at the beginning of the season, but almost 90 games has to show anybody that thinks Bieksa is anything short of a top-pair defencemen that they should be eating crow now.
  4. this thread will never die. Bieksa's a good player, he wouldn't be in the NHL if he wasn't. He also wouldn't be the subject of trade talks if he wasn't a good player. Also, every player makes a mistake or two in every game. Also, people need to stop using him as a scapegoat or they'll hurt his feelings. Also...
  5. thank you for not blaming the previous 4 on him...
  6. still waiting for them to show up
  7. it really IS just a select few on CDC that consider Bieksa this horrible hockey player. I'm greatly perturbed by this... Before this summer I had never paid attention to the Canucks forum, and when I showed up, I couldn't help but notice the lack of love for KB. It's incredibly interesting as I had never heard such hateful things towards the guy until I came here. Never noticed an analyst suggesting such things, not even the opinionated ones. In fact, just the opposite. The trade talks involving Bieksa were not because he is a plug, but purely because he is a hot commodity in a team stacked on D. Why not any of the other ones? because of NTCs and more unattractive contracts. He was talked about as a very attractive pick up for a certain lucky GM. Then I come here. So I ask myself. WHY? Why KB? is he truly that bad? Really, he isn't. He's had a history of some bad luck injuries, but that's just it, bad luck. He's been on the ice for a bad goal or two, and I'm sure even a few of them were partially (or fully) his fault. But is anybody perfect? no. And does anybody on the Canucks squad deserve this? NO. So again. WHY? Is it because you need a scapegoat, a reason to point to that says "this team will not win the stanley cup because of him" because I hate to break it to you, a lot of teams have won the cup with A LOT worse players. Is it because fans on the internet will never satisfied? The urge to always find SOMETHING wrong out of nothing? That one nit pick and if it goes away, magically a new issue arises? Perhaps next everyone will be blaming it all on Hansen, every goal that gets scored on the Canucks will be his fault? Or maybe we can start a blame it on Hank thread? Have you ever noticed that EVERY season that Hank has been captain, the Canucks haven't won the cup so far? It's Hanks fault. He's on pace for a lower point total than last year, he's going downhill from here, he's too old to lead us to a stanley cup. Get over it. Kevin Bieksa is a professional hockey player. A better than average professional hockey player. And his salary is considerably higher than yours because of it.
  8. seriously, if anybody's using Samuelsson's bonehead pass as a slam on Bieksa, their entire argument has lost all credibility.
  9. there, I fixed it for you.
  10. I couldn't even read most of this thread. There's a reason why Henrik named Bieksa one of the four Alternate captains. He's a leader to this team, he's the most tenacious defenceman on the team and possibly the division (there's a few, EXPENSIVE, contenders in the conference). He takes good offensive opportunities, he won't back down to anyone, and while he may get some penalties, his team feels they are worth it. The OT penalty may have been an issue, but it happens from time to time. Get over it people, the team sees him as a valuable asset and your negativity and pessimism isn't gonna help the situation. I would see Torres' two consecutive giveaways on the PP more of a ball breaker than Bieksa's penalty.
  11. Join the FHL Pool

  12. Don't undervalue D either, they don't produce like forwards, but outside of the big scorers on D there isn't much to choose from. I chose primarily D last year and finished in a close second. I had the 6th pick and chose Mike Green first, which everybody was astonished by, but that's how I roll. In a league of 8, I finished last season with: Green, Markov, Pronger, LIdstrom and Gonchar (every team had 6 D spots, but I left the last one empty so I could rotate an extra forward). I lucked out having Hank on my fantasy team, but also had Thornton, Nash and Kessel.
  13. I'd say work with the rankings. A choice like Daniel Sedin is a pretty good pick that might be able to wait until the second round (depending on how many are in your league) I would either get Brodeur (because goalies are worth their weight in gold) or Stamkos. Henrik and Thornton are probably two of the safer bets you could make, but assists aren't as highly valued as goals are usually.