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  1. I love my 3DS, I just picked up Splinter Cell 3D and it's so good.
  2. oh my god please direct me to where Stefan said that Luongo's cap hit was 23mil+

  3. Oh my god, the Kyle Wellwood quote in your sig is AMAZING
  4. hey soundjam welcome to cdc! i don't think anybody meant to offend in the coyotes topic, if you've been reading on here for a while then you'd know that people aren't always nice but don't let 'em get you down!

    I agree that I want to see a team in Seattle, I just want the Coyotes to go home

    Coyotes -> Jets

    Thrashers -> Nordiques...

  5. hey i posted photos of the jersey with all the signatures from the open practice in the open practice thread, go check 'em out