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  1. Being a Canuck in Toronto.

    I'm cheering from down the road here in Seattle. It's a melting pot of different team fans. For some reason, there's quite a concentration of Chicago fans here. Who knew? I became a fan after the 2010 Olympics. I grew up going to Seattle Thunderbirds games, then kind of fell away from sports in general for awhile. I make it to one or two Canucks games a season, but I'm a season ticketholder for the Thunderbirds. When it comes to crappy fan bases, I think any junior fan can agree, WE ALL HATE PORTLAND FANS! OP, I feel your pain with the merchandise hunt. I have to either order online, or make a day trip up to YVR. (Of course, I'd never complain about "having" to make a trip up to YVR). I know once we finally do get a team here, many people will jump ship. I most certainly won't jump ship. Once a Canuck, always a Canuck. I applaud everyone else that joins us in cheering from a distance. I'm looking forward to yet another exciting season. *Edit: I even got my mom addicted to watching when we're on CBC, since most of western WA gets it on cable. Every Saturday, I'll get messages from her: "Are we on tonight?!" or "What the hell? Where's our game?" Sorry we don't play every Saturday, Mom.
  2. Random Canucks Things