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  1. [Confirmed] Willie Desjardin: VAN Head Coach

    What? Eakins when joining the nhl did not have more nhl experience. Unless your counting the fact he played as a player in the nhl. Coaching experience before coming to the nhl was dead even. Dallas spent two years as a maple leafs assistant and willie spent 2 years as a dallas stars assistant. Where willie blows him out of the water is every level he succeeded that dallas hasn't. Gold medal as assistant coach in world juniors, silver as a head coach. 2 Memorial cups, and a calder cup. Eakins got absolutely destroyed in the calder when he went up against jon cooper. Hes also 57, i am guessing that was a typo.
  2. [Trade] Cody Hodgson to Buffalo

    Ugh you lost me when you compared booth to raymond, one cuts to the net, one skates around the perimeter.
  3. [Trade] Cody Hodgson to Buffalo

    Actually i just looked this guy up, hes a journalist from bc, but he refrenced samjam on here... Enough said, hes probably reading this and kanuck25 was his source.
  4. [Trade] Cody Hodgson to Buffalo

    I never heard of him before today, I thought he was the first to mention the kassian trade...? Maybe Im wrong.
  5. [Trade] Cody Hodgson to Buffalo

    Wow I almost think this deserves its own thread and should be asked of gillis next time hes on team 1040... Seems like people are just skipping your post.
  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    On the detroit forum on hfboards they were shocked burrows won the game... Seriously do no other fans besides us watch him? I would pay him double what were paying him now, hes truely one of the best values in the nhl bar none, and never gets credit.
  7. Michael Gillis is grossly overrated

    I think part of your list is very good. But overpaying beiksa? I mean at the time bieksa took a paycut. People want d men, look at erhoff, your wrong on that one. Ballard and Lou are about the only overpaid ones, i almost forgive him for the lou one because he was so new to being a gm, he probably would not do the deal quite the way he did then if he could go back in time. I also dont think he is always low key he took a big fine in the chicago series. Not many gm's would do that.
  8. Michael Gillis is grossly overrated

    I think overall gillis has to be applauded since when in 18 years have we done so well. I dont always agree with everything like the loungo contract. The booth deal they just talked about on sportsnet, they felt gillis did the trade so he would not have to scramble and overpay at the deadline or feel like he needed to desperately make a move at the deadline, he wanted to get someone now, and it was a very smart move giving up talent that was also under performing. I feel he has done well overall. He knows things needs addressing and he goes out and tries to fix it. Are all his choices perfect? No but whose are? I dont know any gm thats flawless. I can say his deals typically always make us better, not worse. He is also constantly improving over the years since he now has some experience and knows better what will work and what the team needs. Didnt he win gm of the year to? Results speak for himself and while he continues to learn and will learn from the ballard and lou deals, he will constantly improve, and in 3 years he took us from nobodies to 1 win away from the cup.