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  1. Hi, I'm looking to switch my MBNA rewards MC to the Canucks branded one. I always seem hocking the cards at the game and wondering if you get better offers when signing up at the game? Currently online signup, it looks like you get 2500 bonus points with your purchase online and 2500 to switch to paperless statements. http://canucksrewards.ca/ Thanks
  2. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    Just got my Christmas card from the Canucks. Is the purple signature suppose to be my account rep? Looks like "Amy Freeston"? *NVM, just googled her. Looks like a sales rep for the Canucks
  3. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    Where you chosen to get a jersey off a player's back? Thanks
  4. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    Did they indicate they'll be stitched on? I noticed all/most of the ones they sell at the Team Store are heat pressed. Thanks
  5. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    Just saw this clicking out my Account Ports So it can be used for any game per month? Thanks
  6. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    Can you advise why? Do they don't look favorably on STH using Stubhub? Thanks
  7. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    D'oh. In my case, I wasn't told they would be re-issuing my tickets. Now that I look at the back of the ticket, I see it stamped "replacement" :-( I never asked or was advise by the ticket agent did that and just wanted a hard copy. I've emailed my ticket rep, but doubt they'll be able to do much.
  8. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    Hi, anyone has an issue like that with exchange tickets? I did a couple of tickets seat exchanges for other games posted one of them on Stubhub. I wanted to get a hard copy of the tickets and confirmed with my rep I can get them at the box office. I got one fine, but noticed my other one wasn't printed. The ticket agent printed one right there and I assume it was just a reprint of ticket. The listing sold and got a claim it was invalid. It seems the ticket was reissued with a different bar code, but the other seat exchanged was fine and didn't see anything difference from the eticket. The Stubhub fees is something I won't get into. Not sure if I should eat it as NHL ticket exchange doesn't seem to get much sales. Thanks
  9. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    For you guys that got the invites, are you full season members? I'm 1/2 and didn't get an invite yet regarding my cap
  10. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    Does anyone have a link to the 1/2 season ticket custom benefit over view? I wanted to see what to expect if I got 1/2 season next this. Thanks
  11. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    My buddy speculated it's probably not a good idea for glassware bobbling around in the concourse and up/down stairs. Also, some fans might chuck them on the ice Thanks
  12. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    I friend showed me one that comes in the case and it's glass. The ones given out at the Fan Appreciation game are plastic. Thanks
  13. Could it be they didn't want to jink it before it actually happens? Could something be done at the next home game (though, it's going to be weeks as they're leaving for a road trip)
  14. 2016-17 Season Tickets Thread

    My 1/4 season ticket benefit is the road viewing party. Anyone have an idea when it might take place and how they are? Is it seated in the area and shown on the jumbo tron? Thanks
  15. The Sedin 1000 Points Watch

    Pretty much assured he'll get 1 more point if not on Friday vs FL, then on the next road trip. Will the Canucks most likely honor Henrik at the next home game?