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  1. You are a hopeless Hodgson lover...
  2. Thats lame, my comment was removed. It was funny FYI.
  3. Kassian is a beast. He is an emerging dominant power-forward. He has speed, size, power, vision, creativity, style, great hands, tenacity, a mean streak, an abundance of testosterone, and a likeable personality. I believe the COHO for Kassian deal will go down in the books as the biggest steal in Canucks History.
  4. Hodgson has to gain 50 pounds, grow a few inches, grow up, man up, and improve his all around game to keep up with Kassian.
  5. Kassian > Hodgson
  6. I watched the game, and distinctly remember Bert chasing Moore. Trying to get him to fight, several times. Before he ended up burrying him. Whether Bert looked him square in the eyes, niether of us has a clue. I believe he did. The comparrison of Kassian to Bertuzzi is fair. Obviously they're not clones... Bertuzzi was the dominant power-forward in the leauge for several seasons. I believe Kassian will be as-well. Bertuzzi did fight as you imply he didn't, and layed monstrous hits. I believe Zack is fighting alot right now to establish himself in the league. If Kassian becomes as productive as Bertuzzi was in his prime, I'd prefer Kassian not to fight scrubs like he is now. Save the fights for other skilled dominant players.
  7. Hockey has its own laws.
  8. Good News: Kassian got his first personal article in the National Post. I've been expecting this, I am a little surprised it happened so soon. 6 games into his sophtmore season. I've cut it out. It took up half the page, complete with photo. Congrats Zack :D I'm sure there will be more to come!
  9. Moore should have fought Bert.
  10. He got hit alright