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  1. Just saw this tweeted out by the team 1040 "@LavoieRenaud: NHL rejected Cole Cassels contract. Game played bonus is impossible to earn. Not enough games left this season to meet threshold. #canucks"
  2. Gene Sobchuk who played only one game with the Canucks.
  3. Vadim Sharifijanov
  4. Anatoli Semenov
  5. Alexander Semak
  6. Brad Selwood
  7. Brit Selby
  8. Dan Seguin
  9. henrik sedin
  10. Daniel Sedin
  11. Christian Ruuttu
  12. i am going to guess church russell? I doubt I am right though.
  13. Duane Rupp?
  14. martin rucinsky?
  15. Derek Roy