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  1. “look up, get up, and don’t ever give up” - Michael Irvin
  2. Yes, McLellan would have strapped on the skates and given Ferland the what-for! Sometimes you've just got to shake your head at what people come up with. Willie didn't lose last nights game; a lack of discipline, from certain players, in the first, cost us the game. Our guys will have to watch out for Ferland but more to the point they need to stay out of the box, solve the defensive wall that collapses around Hiller and get some traffic in front of him. Do that and we win.
  3. This is a little bit foolish. I've been a Canucks fan for 40 years and a hockey fan for a bunch more and one thing I've learned is that the NHL is a men's league where the game is played to win. That's why management should be careful in bringing up players before they are ready. From my perspective they are all young men but men none-the-less and if the Flames are going to try to win on energy and grit they need to be committed 100% to that principle since the other men playing the game might have something to say about it. Emotions have boiled over a number of times in the is series and they will again. Hopefully the skill of the Canucks will carry the day but it won't if they don't counter the passion of the Flames.
  4. There is no such thing as a ridiculous homer. A homer is someone who believes in his team, is a fan because it is their team; the difference between a homer and someone who is along for the ride is the difference between Henrik Sedin and David Booth. Speaking of which, it bears noting that this is Henrik's team and I think he is the biggest difference maker on it. You only have to look to last year to see what happens to the team when someone decided that wasn't the case and tried to remake the team in his own image. There are many reasons for the Canucks success this year but not least is managements recognition of the importance of the leadership in the dressing room. That said, your list of Hart choices seems sound to me. I think Price is a good choice and the primary reason the Canadiens are where they are, and OV is one of the best to have played the game and deserving of some recognition in a year where he's turned his defencive game around while still putting up impressive numbers. I've been unapologetically a homer for 40 years, not all my life, I didn't live in BC before that and the Canucks didn't exist. I can say that homer isn't necessarily someone who doesn't see things as they are but it is someone who supports his team, win or lose. It's nothing to be ashamed of.
  5. They've announce a phone hearing for Byfuglien - no news on any Canucks so far.
  6. I have noticed that the heavier teams sometimes neutralize the twins but usually in doing so they open up room for others on our team. With four lines scoring that means the opponents have a problem because they need their best on the twins.
  7. I suppose everything's been said already but a couple of thoughts anyway. Toffoli was punished - his ill considered actions helped his team to lose one of the biggest games to this point in the year. Full marks to Burrows for coming back in the game although I thought he looked pretty shaky. The hit would have ruined the win for me if he hadn't appeared, however briefly, and I truly hope there are no signs of a concussion. I think Toffoli should have received a hearing and I'm guessing he didn't since the news is out so fast. The league really should explain itself.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if this is what happens but it will depend on Eddy staying steady.
  9. March 28th
  10. I think most Vancouver fans have known for a long time about the class and character of both the Sedins. It's nice to see it acknowledged. I enjoyed the radio interview and Province article as well.
  11. Coach says 2 or 3 more weeks for Miller so I'd guess they'd like to get at least 2 games out of Markstrom. If he's in a gets lit up? It's anybodies guess but I suppose they'll ride Lack. Me, I'd dress Garret but it might not be legal.
  12. This doesn't reflect reality. Lack can't ,and won't, play every game until Miller is back, so Markstrom is going to have to play some games that matter. If Desjardins sees Lack looking tired in a game Markstrom will slot in.
  13. Yes, I voted "other" and that is what I meant by it. It took a little while to get rolling but this is a good team and we have strength through out the organization.
  14. He looked like a deer caught in the headlamps and he should have been ready but he wasn't. I don't imagine he's the first goaltender to cave when called up like that. There really is no option but to give him another shot at it. What if you call up Eriksson and he can't handle it? Do you dress Cheech?
  15. My take on it, for what it is worth, is that Sestito's play wasn't moving in a direction that made the organization think he could contribute in a way that would benefit the club. When they sat him he complained and in one interview said if they didn't like the way he played they should trade him. At the time I thought he should have seen it as an opportunity to try to play the way he had when he was younger, but perhaps that was too difficult at this point. He had good hands and if he could learn to skate hard for 10-12 minutes per game, go to the net and use his size I think the club would have given him a call up. When he wasn't claimed off waivers he should've seen it as a sign he needed to change.