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  1. [GDT] NYI - 03/10/14 - 7:00PM

    Man this is quite the roller coaster of a ride tonight....
  2. Since becoming a Vancouver fan four years ago I've watched them in awe and was totally on TeamLu and still am today. Gonna miss him but for him its better this way. He at least gets out of dodge and goes back to where he's wanted to go for a while now. As for the management as soon as this season is over Gillis needs to get his walking papers....Today we lose Lu and tomorrow it could possibly be Kesler....Can someone give me a stiff drink pls?
  3. [GDT] CGY - 1/18/14 - 7PM

    I can understand everyone's point a view on this, but let's look at it from our coach's perspective shall we leading up to tonight. In the game vs Kings our #1 goalie gets taken out by Dustin Brown and we lose a well fought game. Then we roll into face the Ducks and get slaughtered 9-1, then we head to Phoenix and 3 of our players get hurt Santo, Henrik and Booth (two returned tonight but one is still hurting). Now for tonight he gets word the Flames coach decided to start his 4th line, when everyone in the league knows the Nucks always start the Sedins so to not risk more injury to Henrik he counters with our 4th line...All the frustration and disappointment has caught up to Torts, so the Torts we use to hate briefly showed his face. I personally do not blame him for what he did. Now the Canucks need to bounce back and win this game, not only for themselves for their coach and us fans...Go Canucks Go!! Oh and one last thing P.J Stock needs to shut his trap, before someone at Rogers tonight does it for him.....