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  1. that was my brother i was on saturday. dont know why everyone is getting mad does noone else have family or do anything thanksgiving. im on right now and can play whenever 2day so come on all the ppl crying about me not playing
  2. thats dumb i was on yesterday to try and get gams in and no one was online ill be online tomorrow morning and afternoon to get games in so that better work for some ppl jesus
  3. im sorry guys my little brother is on my xbox alot and ive just been busy because of thanksgiving weekend ill try to get on to get games in maybe 2nite and 2morrow night i wouldnt ignore anyone
  4. okk, ill send a request for nsh if i can find the league thanks
  5. can i take nashville if they still have weber ?
  6. Hahahaha that's pretty good! This all is so funny!