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  1. For those who are complaining, at least this is a lot better than last year's signing and 100 times better than if we would have signed Lucic. One of the better signing after Stamkos's TB signing.
  2. The goal was to take Ferland out for 5 minutes. If he was on ice, he can cause some damage or at least shake up to our 1st line.
  3. Really?...i want to read what they had to say about city of you have link?
  4. What makes you think he was going against the coach? He could be reiterating what the coach wanted the players to do or some pointers to help the team.
  5. Yea pretty good possibility. Hope that's the case
  6. When you have a family with kids, you don't just move for no reason. Especially when there's no change in your job situation or salary / finances. Plus I am assuming the home was renovated for him in 06. So yeah, people just don't randomly move from homes like that unless something is up!! So...something is up!!
  7. Kesler was the same thing to the Ducks. But they had a chat with him before he started and look at them now. Good players are always trouble makers to other teams. Just got to work it out.
  8. LUCIC - HORVAT - KASSIAN This^^ will fire up any team. I'd say give up Higgins, Weber and Jensen (or Vey) but keep Hansen. Hansen is our only speedy gonzales.
  9. VERY POSSIBLE!! Just move them to 2nd line. Have a "strong" first line like Getzlaf/Perry. Only then I see them getting a cup. If they are still in the 1st line...Not a chance.
  10. Montreal Canadians held 1 - 0 lead for 3 periods. 3 PERIODS!!! We couldn't even hold a 3 - 0 lead for 1 period. I am sorry, Burrows did not cost us the series.
  11. Skill is important during the season games. Playoff's are different. Considering how you get banged up pretty bad during playoff's. You need big bodies and speed. Just watch how Anaheim is going to run over the Flames in the 2nd round. Most of their top 2 lines are bigger than Flames.
  12. If you had asked me 3 games ago, I would have said hell no. But now, without Kassian, Canucks pretty much have no grit. We may need someone like Lucic to stir the pot. Bring some motivation to the team. Right now, we have no one. Even our toughest guy "Bieksa" caved to some junior player. Bonino and Higgins for Lucic.
  13. This ^^ I suspect this could be the reason why WD is controlling their ice time. Their line is not producing enough shots to justify the extra ice time.
  14. True, but it can also work both ways. It worked for both Eddie and Luongo
  15. Our 3 losses had nothing to do with the Flames. We did not get our act together and that is why we lost. They are not Boston, Ducks or the Kings. They are the Flames for goodness sakes. We can get it game at a time. Plus, it will help to keep McMillan out of the game(s).