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  1. LMAO I love how people on CDC pick and choose on who the ridicule for certain comments made and not for others. Its fine. It's the joys of message boards. And for the record, I never became a Schultz hater because I made a comment earlier about hits and elbows and such. I hope he has a great career whether it be here, Edmonton, Ottawa, hell even MoDo. All the best to him. Just because someone has just topped 20 posts, doesn't mean they can't make cracks about players or situations. Doesn't mean that person hasn't been reading the CDC for years, or just became a canucks fan yesterday. People, please think before you flame. Justin, god speed!!!
  2. Ever heard of having a lil! too touchy!!!
  3. Kassian will run him over, knock him out for 6 - 8 months with a concussion, then Keith will end it all with a cheap elbow to the head whenever Schultz plays the Hawks...Karma Justin, Karma