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Headshots Are Not Accidents

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After the most recent head hit/concussion incident involving Duncan Keith and Daniel Sedin, I started thinking about all the players who have been out with concussions caused by illegal head hits.

I don't know if it just because we hear more about the stars getting concussions and not the third and fourth lines but it seems that 90% of the illegal head hits are toward the best players.

David Booth, Sidney Crosby, Marc Savard and Sedin spring to mind.

This begs the question, Is the speed of the game to blame or are players a lot more in control when they are hitting than they would have us believe?

The easy excuse for the players is to always say that in the heat of the moment, there is no time to react differently and head hits happen. If that was the case, then why do we not see more players like Cal Clutterbuck, Matt Cooke, Max Lapierre and other players who's playing style welcomes contact getting concussions? It's because players ARE in control when they hit and it seems that they are more willing to take out a major player on the opposite team and risk suspension than to waste their time on a less talented player.

Matt Cooke is a perfect example of what a player can do when he chooses to play the game cleanly.

Scott Stevens played the game when head hits were allowed and was regarded as one of the best bodycheckers of all time, however, the elbowing penalties he took could be counted on one hand.

It seems like the NHL is making the referees call the games differently to slow it down to avoid injuries but I think it is not needed. The players CAN control what they do on the ice.

If the NHL handed out heavier punishments and suspensions I think people would be amazed at how the elbows to the head would dissappear. If a player hits someone with a blatant elbow such as Keith's on Sedin or Steckel on Crosby, they should sit for fifteen or twenty games and be fined $250,000 or more.

I guarantee the concussion epidemic would be over.

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after your first few sentences i can see you think these players are targeted because they are high profile players, but simply you remember them because they are high profile.

P.S scott stevens would be kicked out of this league if he played in this era, his headshots were dirty dirty, thats right a double dose of dirty elbow or shoulder to the head. youtube will back me up

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The hits Scott Stevens made at the time were legal. There was nothing against headshots at the time.

Also, check out how many elbowing penalties Stevens was assessed in his career.

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