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Is the League expecting changes too soon?



As we all know, head shots has been the topic of the NHL for the past two years, but is the league expecting changes too soon? After all, hockey has always been known to be a physical sport and players know what they are signing up for. Canuck fans are all familiar with the play of Matt Cooke who just got suspended for the fourth time in his career, but he wasn't always a "dirty" player. Some regarded him as "gritty" when he was here playing for us. Since the 09 season, Cooke has been handed 3 suspensions all to similiar plays, however those exact hits would've been clean hits just 3-4 years ago. Cooke has always played like that for 12 seasons and he's deep into his career already, change isn't going to come soon. His most recent suspension on elbowing Ryan McDonagh wouldn't have given him a suspension 3 years ago, but a minor penalty for elbowing. But if head shots are such a horrific subject, and concussions are so common these days, why isn't it mandatory to wear those new helmets that help prevent serious concussions like the one willie mitchell is wearing? or visors? or even cages for that matter?

So what is it thats starting to change this game? Is it because we are ill prepared, old fashioned? too fast? or just the fact that players are lacking respect for their own opponents? Nevertheless, the rules are changing to fast but like bettman says "we are not trying to change the game we are trying to make it safer" not saying i like the guy, i think he's bs just like everyone else does.


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