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Canucks 4 Blue Jackets 1 | Vancouver Hockey Talk Podcast #6



Hanhuis hurt. Second line stars. Better late than never

Where does Cody fit in?

The culture of excellence in the organization.

How will the Canucks deal with the loss of Manny Maholtra?


Dr. Sean Richardson

Performance psychologist to professional athletes, performing artists, and successful CEOs, Sean brings an Olympic level of commitment to excellence in his work with clients. Sean comes from a background of elite sport, having competed at national and international levels.

Combining 30 years as an athlete in competitive sports with a PhD, MA & BA in psychology, ongoing research & professional development in brain and behaviour functionality, and 9 years in practice, Sean has found that the principles of mental discipline required for performance at the highest levels in sport apply effectively to performance in business, music, dance and personal achievement.

Whilst high performance is the goal, Sean is also aware that many people get stopped by personal 'stuff' and by what goes on inside their heads - personal barriers often get in the way of even the most ambitious goals and determined efforts. Thus, Sean brings a total commitment to mental and emotional balance to his practice. He works tirelessly, coaching his clients to develop mindsets and behaviors that not only get them success, but also give them tools to be powerful in the face of most challenges that life throws at them.

Sean was born in Vancouver, Canada - the son of an Olympic rower, and himself a National Champion in rowing and windsurfing - he has grown up with high level performance in his blood. A long time academic, completing several research degrees in psychology (PhD and MA) as well as a BA, Sean has always been eager to share ideas with the world - committed to helping others get to their highest levels of performance in business, sport, arts and life.

His co-host, Scott Paton, has been a pioneer in Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Blogging and Podcasting. He is excited to bring a new viewpoint to the fans of the Vancouver Canucks as they strive for Hockey's most sought-after prize.


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