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How i got my heart broken in hockey!



I cannot believe how awful last night felt for someone like me who didn't know hockey until 2 years ago.

I was told that part of living in Canada was learning hockey -- if you're fortunate enough to have the skills to play it or at the very least understand how it is played to become a fan-- Hockey is our Religion.

So, with a family like mine that worships hockey - i became a fan... a big fan.. i have now an unbelievable amount of respect for the sport and the people who played it as i think it is the hardest sport (tied with golf).

I look back at how quickly i fell in love with the Vancouver Canucks -- as many would say, they're warriors. They battled all year long this season and they battled hard. I thought they were very professional and they were very smart players.

I was heartbroken last night like many of us -- i felt robbed of what the team so rightfully deserves. I was angry at the team because it felt like they didn't give it their all (except for RK) --- in the midst of my grieving last night - i said that i will never watch hockey again and follow the Canucks. It hurt so much that i didn't want to go through that again next time. It ripped me apart because you think of the journey to get here -- we were so close and i absolutely, unquestionably believed they were a better team and they were going to win it. I was trying to keep it together until the RK interview -- the flood gates just opened -- to see him shed a tear and to see the pain in him, it was gut-wrenching for me.

Then i woke up this morning and played the whole thing over again in my head -- i realized the Vancouver Canucks was as much heartbroken as we all are, maybe even more - how many times have they battled against odds to give themselves and this City a chance? Sure mistakes happened along the way much like in any other team -- but the Canucks got to the Stanley Cup -- we obviously can't see that silver lining as we want the cup more than anything else. They're so many good things this team has given their fans --- and i know we all are disappointed but this isn't the end of it. The Vancouver Canucks lives on... and so should our faith that our time will come.

For someone who is considered a newbie -- i got my heart broken and strengthened at the same time -- all thanks to hockey and all thanks to the Vancouver Canucks.

So, am i off the wagon? Never. I'm a Canucks through and through. Hats off to the team specially Ryan Kesler. You guys have brought us a spectacular season and as you have all said so many times in the past -- we forget yesterday and we focus on tomorrow as i have no doubt -- OUR TIME WILL COME.


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