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I hope the Canucks know that the true/real fans still support them and appreciate this cup run they have given us. I feel privileged to have been a part of it. The riots make me sick and disgusted. To see the team's sad faces last night broke my heart and I would do anything to change that. This team has taken us right to the very end and put their all out there. That is all I could have asked for and I truly hope they know this. It's hard to put all my thoughts into words right now because there are just so many swimming through my head. Finally, thanks to all the fans who continue to support the Canucks; especially the Vancouverites who went downtown to help clean up. It is greatly appreciated.

Forever a Canuck.

We'll get em' next year boys! Keep your heads up :)

ps: Happy Birthday to Kevin Bieksa ! Best wishes.



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Great entry, heart-felt sentiment. Good on you. I hope the team hears more positive comments from other fans. It's time to support our team and to let them know we're behind them 100%. And you are right... there is always next year.

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