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The Final Countdown - OCT.03.07

Mike the Yankee


<table width=90%><tr><td><img src=http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2007/07/mikeblog.gif border=0 align=left hspace=4 vspace=1>I know I am beginning to hate myself for these musical references in blog titles. But now that song is stuck in your head isn't it? You're welcome, go rock out in the bathroom mirror.

So this anticipation is just a killer isn't it? If you bounce around the intraweb you'll see preview after preview and best guess after best guess of what this season will become. Not wanting to be left out of the fun (I'm immensely shallow like that) let's look at the top 10 burning issues for Vancouver this season:

1. Is it even remotely possible for Luongo to get any better?

Yes, at least conceptually. Then again if he does improve vastly on last season I'd be concerned he's not actually human which may break some sort of league by-law about the biological origins of players. Thanks a lot Bettman, way to limit the game.

2. Will Matt Cooke stay healthy enough this season in order to play his style of game and make other players unhealthy?

God I hope so. With Pronger and Bertuzzi on one team, we need that element to the game. Plus, with Cooke's hits, the humor factor goes up accordingly.

<a href=http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2007/09/sep2607_sharks04_b.jpg target=_blank><img src=http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2007/09/sep2607_sharks04_t.jpg border=0 align=right hspace=4 vspace=1></a>

3. Is this finally Kesler's year to be the man?

Bieksa and Pyatt had their turns last year; I'd argue it's Kesler's time to step up and make Bobby Clarke proud! Us too obviously, but you know Bobby is watching.

4. Why is Saturday, December 8th important to you?

Sidney who? Malkin what? No no, the name you'll cheer for is feisty Finn Jarkko Ruutu (YAHR koh ROO too, practice makes perfect).

5. Are all bathrooms in GM Place properly installed with "Luongo Overtime Emergency Kits"?

As the Boy Scouts say, it's good to be prepared.

6. Who will the Sedins bless with their offensive cycling madness this year?

Taylor Pyatt? The man-child Mason Raymond? Captain Naslund? Ryan Shannon? Brad Isbister? And is it too late to talk to the Sedin's parents and see if the team can get exclusive rights to their entire genetic line?

<a href=http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2007/09/sep2607_sharks03_b.jpg target=_blank><img src=http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2007/09/sep2607_sharks03_t.jpg border=0 align=left hspace=4 vspace=1></a>

7. Would you trade in Morrison's 512-game iron man streak this year for an uptick of 20 points in production?

I know I know we all want both. Man we're so greedy!

8. Will Curtis Sanford become a Sudoku grand champion?

He has a lot of time on his hands, so why not? By the way, have you seen his mask? This team hasn't had a mask like that since Corey Hirsch's Psycho lid. Wow. Maybe we need a "painting with Curtis" fun-time hour where we can all sketch incredibly scary masks and sing camp songs. Perfect for Halloween (and Valentines Day)!

9. Curious what's left in Trevor’s tank?

I think he showed us all last year the answer to that. If he was stuck on any other drowning team (cough, cough ISLANDERS cough, cough) the skates would likely be hung up permanently. This guy is an amazing warrior; we're lucky to have him out there again.

10. Will the Canucks as a team finally shake that "no offense" monkey off their back?

I'm far from a statistician, but I am positive they will get more then 82 goals this year. That means, for the most part, you're guaranteed to see a goal a game. What, you want more? Sheesh, I was right with question #7, we are a very greedy lot.

<a href=http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2007/08/aug2207_linden01_b.jpg target=_blank><img src=http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2007/08/aug2207_linden01_t.jpg border=0 align=right hspace=4 vspace=1></a>

Bonus Track - Will the Canucks fend off snow-based landslides, the origins of fire, oil riggers and whatever that animal thing is on the Wild uniform to retain the NW Title?

Well, I'm biased in my answer. What's yours?



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