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Game Day Opinion - San Jose Sharks @ Vancouver Canucks



Who Willl win?  

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San Jose Sharks


General Motors Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


March 18th, 2010 - 7:00 PM - TSN (HD) - Team 1040


If bad defense plays a part in March 18th match-up, it will be a long way to 1st place in the Western Conference unless luck hits their side. The San Jose Sharks... who have 96 Points coming into play against Vancouver, will hope to avoid their 3rd straight loss on their marathon 6 game road trip... mind you, its not as long as Vancouver's epic 14 game road journey, but it definitely can cause some problems for the Sharks keeping first place, due to their average play on the road. If Vancouver is going to beat the San Jose Sharks, they will need to find a way to beat Evgeni Nabokov, and company, which in recent history suggests that the San Jose Sharks will take this game without threat. Vancouver has lost eight of their last 9 match-ups against the San Jose Sharks... the Sharks last win coming against Vancouver on November 29th, 2009. If Vancouver is going to pull within a possible 3 points back of Chicago, or 5 points of San Jose, they will have to beat Nabokov early and stay strong, because San Jose is a very strong team, regardless of who they are playing... unlike the Vancouver Canucks who tend to play lightly against the teams lower in the standings... aka the New York Islanders. If anyone is too blame for that game, it was definitely Kevin Bieksa and Andrew Alberts.. two defensemen who are struggling to play defense.. its like they don't know what defense is. If Vancouver has any intentions on winning, it will have to start with Kevin Bieksa at least blocking shots, or plugging up passing/shooting lanes, as the Sharks are a very deadly team up front, and a poor effort for the Canucks will end up being a game that will be much more forgettable than the game we all witnessed on March 16th, a 5 - 2 loss to the islanders.


25 Wins on Home Ice - 3rd best in the League behind Chicago and Washington

11 Game Point Streaks for both Alex Burrows and Daniel Sedin - leading the club in points in consecutive games

5th in the league on the powerplay this season

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Good points. In retrospect you have to consider that we're not a tier below these teams (San Jose, Chicago) anymore. The fact that we're still in contention for a 1st or 2nd place finish after a dismal start to the season and the 'epic' 14 game trip tells me that if we'd been a more consistent team early on or at least faced less in the name of injury and had a more conventional schedule, we'd probably be sitting on top of the conference right now in the company of the likes of the Caps. We're a top tier team.

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