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well I watched game 6 and was stunned. luongo was good in the 1st period but sucked the rest of the game. off season gillis should do a lot. trade luongo for a decent goalie and some prospect or for a decent goalie and some d-man. and if mike doesn't do this then take the C from luo cuz it's just a big distraction for him. now kesler had to be injured or something cuz he wasn't good at all the whole series. D-man. nothing at the back end at all. bieska what where you thinking when that pass came. soo 2-0 not that big eh Canucks have came back before right. well pavel what the frack were you doing. soo 3-0 maybe a comeback. obi with decent goal. ok here is a comeback. until luo let's in a weaky vs Kane. game over from there.

Montreal for the cup now.

signing till next season.

Burr14Ever For Life



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