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  1. 1 hour ago, shayster007 said:

    "Well ya, we we been watching this kid um for awhile now. Well, you know, we like that um he's a hard working kid. You know, we talk to the player, talk to the coaches, talk to his parents and we think he's got a good head on his shoulders. He's um got elite hands and thinks the game at a high level. We think um we're getting a really good young player here that can play, you know, for the Canucks for a long time."


    -Jim Benning, probably, when we draft Johnson

    This mans Jim Benning is on point

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  2. Little surprised there hasn't been more talk about Rasanen at 33. There will obviously be good players that drop to 33 but I wouldn't be upset with a 6'7 right hand defense men. He could potentially be there with the Columbus second but I could see a team taking him between the 33rd pick and then




  3. 1 hour ago, chickenman92 said:

    Anyone else worried/wondering if Benning/Linden will be feeling the pressure to pick someone this year who they can slot right in, like say Owen Tippett, over taking a player that will have the better long-term career? Or maybe they even deal the pick for an NHL player, or more ready prospect. 


    I mean, this is draft No. 4 for this group which was sold to fans as a group that would be drafting better than past management groups. And while there are a couple of picks with okay upside, Boeser is about the only pick that seems NHL ready out of the bunch. As well, you can make a decent case that the Canucks have missed on three of the four first round picks Benning/Linden have made.


    Virtanen- Looks to be lucky to be a serviceable NHL

    McCann- Decent upside but was traded for a 4/5 D

    Boeser- Looking like a great pick, should be a 25+ goal guy for a decade or so

    Joulevi- Might be okay, but didn't progress much, if at all this year. Could argue there are five-to-eight guys who were picked after him that are looking like better players 


    I think they will probably be feeling the pressure, especially after the season we had. I don't think that they will stray away from what they feel is right though. They drafted a D last year instead of someone that could have fast tracked it to the Nhl, so they aren't scared to take someone that will take time to make it

  4. 10 minutes ago, N4ZZY said:

    yeah, but is he going to pull a Vessey? 

    lmao. Canuck Nation was really nervous last year if Brock would sign or bolt for the Wild. That's always the risk with collegiate players, isn't it? 

    Would Middlestadt sign with the Canucks, or would he go and expose that NCAA loophole and sign with the Wild when he can? 

    Is this kid a character kid that oozes uber offensive talent? 


    I don't feel like he would bolt. Doesn't he have to spend 4 years in the NCAA to get to free agency? The only first rounder I can think of that bolted was Blake Wheeler. I think getting into the NHL and making the money in a year or twos time would be pretty enticing 

  5. 47 minutes ago, flickyoursedin said:

    I'm just wondering if the Canucks find themselves at a spot where Liljegren is available and they pass on him because now our weakness for prospects is a top end centre. 

    I have no problem taking Liljegren if he somehow falls to around pick 5 and we're there, if we're picking earlier, I would rather take a centre.  Somebody I like for an early second is Henri Jokiharju. Anyone like him for an early second if he's around?

  6. not a good idea, if you ask me. MG did make mistakes, but in my opinion, he is only going to learn from them. This was his first go around and he'll obviously find work somewhere else. I think he'll do better next time around

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