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I became a sports fan back in 1974.

I was born in Winnipeg, my brother in Calgary.

In 1973 and 1974, we lived in the Dominican Republic.

We moved to Burnaby, BC in the summer of 1974.

As sons look up to their fathers - I watched with awe as my dad cheered on the Lions and Canucks. As we love rivalry, I decided to cheer for the Bombers - as I was born there and likewise, my brother became a Stamps fan.

As Winnipeg wasn't in the NHL, I became a Canucks fan at the young age of 11.

First game I saw at the Pacific Colosseum was the Canucks vs the Blackhawks (with Tony Esposito in net).

In the NFL, my dad was a Steelers fan...I didn't like Pittsburgh...so I just kind of took my time trying to decide which team to cheer for - I looked for an underdog and saw the Patriots were 0-4 - so I decided I would cheer for them.

They won their next 2 games! I was pumped to be a fan.

Then they went on to finish the season something like 4 and 12...

The Canucks had a good run i 1982 - but then got smoked 4 games to zip by the Islanders.

Finally, after 10 years of being a sports fan, one of my teams wins - The Bombers won the Grey Cup in 1984!

Then, the Pats make all the way to the Super Bowl - only to get blown out by the Bears 46-10.

Bombers won again in 1988 and in 1990, but now it has been over 20 years since their last Grey Cup...

The Canucks again came close in 1994 - but failed again to capture the cup...Course my brother became a Flames fan when they came into league - and is always there to remind me of the Flames 1989 cup...

On a side note, I did cheer for the Jets - but they were my second team - Canucks have always been first...

I forgot - the Patriots...until the 21st century they were pretty much a pathetic team - yet I stood by them - then they finally won the Super Bowl in 2001!

2003 and 2004 they won back to back!

It has been pretty good being a fan of theirs the last 10 years.

Last year, the Canucks were so close...up 2 games to 0, and then the collapse...so very disappointing...3 times the Canucks made it to the dance floor and 3 times they have lost...

To summarize, for the 37 years that I've been a sports fan (of the NHL, CFL and NFL) my 3 teams have a combined total of only 6 championships...

That's 6 out of 111 attempts.

That's brutal.

It ain't easy being a fan....


I believe there were 2 events that happened in seconds that had a huge influence on how the 2011 Stanley Cup Final series wound up.

The first was the late hit by Rome on Horton.

For the Canucks, it wasn't so much the hit as it was the suspension.

After that, the Canucks looked timid - they didn't want to hit the Bruins with any sort of impact for fear of a penalty.

That hit fired the Bruins up and it helped them win their first 2 home games of this series. Now, it's a best of 3.

The second was the hit by Boychuk on Raymond 20 seconds into game 6.

No penalty called seemed to deflate the Canucks.

If there was a call, the Canucks could very well have scored on the Power Play and the series might have been over.

No suspension for Boychuk even though Raymond was done added salt to the already open wound.

The outcome of game 7 was basically done before the puck dropped.

The Canucks just didn't have it in their mindset to overcome those 2 events.

10 seconds of ice time in a seven game series affected both teams differently.

Positive on the Bruins and negative for the Canucks.

History was made.


Real Canucks fans aren't saying things like "our player is better than their player". What we are saying is this team is the best overall "team" this year. That is, they are not individuals they are a team. They don't care about individual awards - they care about what their team does. They don't hand out "player of the game" awards - as all of them together are better than one. I find it hilarious how the haters were going on and on about the Canucks individual efforts (last few seasons) and here they are 1 win away from a Cup Championship and now the haters are saying things like "Luongo won't win the Vezina" or "no Canucks deserves the Con Smythe". Talk about turnaround - first they say individual awards mean nothing (Art Ross / Hart Sedin, etc...) now you seem to say they are the cats meow? I'm am sure glad that I am a fan of the Canucks and not a hater of another team. Go Canucks Go!