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  1. Feel free to become a Kings fan - don't let the door hit you on the way out!
  2. Not! Heck, Bieksa was better. Edler was good the 1st 10 years - he was more of a liability the past 5 imho.
  3. He got another one back! Canucks Acquire Third-Round Pick in 2022 from Winnipeg Jets... in exchange for Nate Schmidt
  4. Trudeau: Canadiens' selection of Mailloux shows 'lack of judgment' Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that as a lifelong Montreal Canadiens fan he's "deeply disappointed" by the team's selection of Logan Mailloux in the NHL draft. LOL - One can say the same about those that voted for Trudeau!
  5. Stating a statistic like "gave away 23 draft picks" without quantifying it against say - how many have other GM's given away and/or how many have you received is about as useless as teets on a bull.
  6. Maybe the Canucks will make a trade with the Devils for the 4th pick!
  7. I think the logo is just fine - except it limits where they can relocate to, maybe Saskatoon?
  8. 2nd Pfizer yesterday, a bit of a sore arm is all.
  9. Miro who? Ok, 3rd overall pick...still seems high to me...
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