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  1. Rep of 'That '70s Show' Star Tanya Roberts Says Actress Is Not Dead (UPDATE) BYALEX MONTROSE Jan 04, 2021 Image via Getty UPDATED 1/4, 5:22 p.m. ET: Tanya Roberts has not died, TMZ reports. News of the actress' purported death was reported on after Mike Pingel, Roberts' rep, incorrectly announced that she passed away at 65. Pingel previously announced that Roberts died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Sunday and that he was told by her husband. The rep told TMZ that he received a call on Monday from Lance, who's Tanya's husband, saying that she is still alive.
  2. RIP Ms. Roberts...RIP.... She also played Midge Pinciotti in That 70's Show.
  3. Blast it - when I saw that on the main page I thought we'd signed him already lol!
  4. Spring is only 90 days away!

  5. But, isn't that what we the people want? First vaccines given to politicians incase there are side effects - let them be the guinea pigs!
  6. is that john cleese in your profile gif btw?

    1. Heretic


      Yes - and Michael Palin!   From The Argument sketch!

    2. Roberts
  7. As a Caucasian of the human race, I'm offended that the Away team jerseys are mostly white - they should make it a colour that no person's skin looks like! Purple? 'Retire the orca', says Indigenous historian who calls Vancouver Canucks logo cultural appropriation: How about Johnny Canuck? Or will that offend the environmentalists and if so - do we care? LOL
  8. Well there you go! Report: Cleveland's MLB team will drop 'Indians' from its name Sportsnet Staff@SportsnetDecember 13, 2020, 8:39 PM After 105 years, the Cleveland Indians have reportedly decided to change their team name, according to David Waldstein and Michael Schmidt of The New York Times. The decision comes after years of protests from Indigenous groups and fans who have criticized the name as being racist. An official announcement on the decision could come as early as next week. It was not immediately clear, according to The Times' reporting, what Cleveland intends its new name to be. One option reportedly being considered is moving forward without a replacement name initially, and consulting with the public in creating a new one. More to come...
  9. I totally disagree that a culture's background means only someone with that background should be allowed to create art for it. People need to be inclusive - not silo'ing - how the bleep are we to put aside our differences if we can't embrace them instead? The mask - I love it.
  10. Comic book artist Richard Corben, who created the cover for Meat Loaf's landmark Bat Out of Hell album, has died at the age of 80. His widow, Dona, shared the news on his studio's Facebook page, noting that Corben died last week. "It is with great sorrow and loss that I must share the sad news that Richard Corben died Dec. 2, 2020, following heart surgery," she wrote. "He will be missed tremendously by his family, his friends, and his fans. Richard was very appreciative of the love for his art that was shown by you, his fans. Your support over the decades meant a great deal to him. He tried to repay your support by working diligently on each piece of art going out to you. Although Richard has left us, his work will live on and his memory will live always in our hearts." He also did a lot art for the magazine Heavy Metal. Was my favourite comic book artist back then. RIP Mr. Corben....RIP.