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  1. Alienware R7 with 32GB ram with upgraded PSU and a RTX 2060 Super, Corsair Void Pro head set, Corsair K70 KB, Corsair M65 mouse, Samsung 32 inch curved monitor. Was going to get a Valve Index VR system, but ran out of cash. Don't have the time to game much anymore, just play OverWatch once in a while.
  2. Nothing to see here folks: Jimbo786 Aces Prospect Members 0 1 post
  3. Source and evidence please. Has this guy been charged with killing people?
  4. True, but we are not grizzlies, we're human beings.
  5. My guy? Which guy are you referring to? I don't know anyone that has killed 211,000 people.
  6. I thought CDC was a public forum where all are welcome.  Didn't realize that some threads are only for those with the same ideals.  In other words, unless you're a bully and loathe Trump, do NOT post in that thread.

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    2. Toews




      There is a difference between being loud and being the one to shout fire in a crowded theatre. I disagree frequently with politicians, very rarely do I find them utterly repulsive. Anyway I digress, probably not the right place for this discussion. I will let @Heretic get back to his pity party.

    3. Rounoush


      I love Trump but choose not to engage in any politics on this site. I come here for hockey talk and try my best (and sometimes fail) to just talk hockey.

    4. Roberts


      @Rounoush how dare you have an opinion!!

  7. I didn't say he was cheating there - that's just an example of how easy it is to do it.
  8. So that means it's okay to bully? Because of different opinion?
  9. It wasn't shown that way when it was aired - so the naive public thought he was answering questions from the top of his head.
  10. Obviously you never read what I said - again proving that you just have it out for me. I never ever said anything about proctors nor cheating on exams. Carry on hating.
  11. Thanks for proving my point. Maybe 2021 you will get it.
  12. I agree with you. I'm just saying it's not perfect, then again, we are talking about politicians, and only an idiot would believe every thing they say is the truth.