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  1. Tort's is the last guy that needs to go. How about we chuck the union ???? thinking and actually come out to play hard.
  2. I officially feel like an Edmonton oiler fan. That is how they feel when their team doesn't try either. frack! I hope the cancer in Edmonton doesn't reach here.
  3. I think that all the lou lovers are back in town. All that pent up stuff from last year is getting out.
  4. I think not being able to spell is embarassing.
  5. Lota ???? retards here. Should I just say duh with spittle drewling out of my mouth.
  6. There are some good posts here. I am a believer in Gillis, and not the cdc gm's. I think the team has lost it's way, but believe they will get it back. They are a little sporadic, but they will iron it out. Just a little clicking will make it work.
  7. No
  8. You know you are in trouble when Setagutchia can single handedly beat you.
  9. OH, and Torts can do no wrong in my book. Good on him. Bringing honour to our team.
  10. I agree with wheels, we will get a lot of five on three's for the rest of the season. I want to say, though, that i love it, love our team, and i don't care about the cup as much as i care about how we play. Respect, honour, it means stuff. Only useless fracks do not understand this. Play like this Vancouver, we will support you.
  11. Loving it! Torts is my hero. Our team is standing up. I am excited to be a fan. Aquilina should sit down with the league and say no to a suspension, we will let you know if you can come back into our arena.
  12. Some good posts on this thread. Only a few trools (Thema, lucky luciano, heritic). I have been a fan of the Canucks for a lifetime, but I honestly love them now. They are finally saying, "Lets play hockey, but you can't bully us anymore". And, that goes for the reffing too. What Tort's is saying is we don't give a crap about you refs, you are not going to decide the game anymore. He is also telling the league "frack you". Only trolls will not be on board. Go canucks!!
  13. arrg, frustrated, but also really pissed at Hamuis. I think he should bench himself until he wants to play. frack.
  14. Ok, I officially think we are in trouble.