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  1. [Proposal] The Sedins! (Proposal)

    The funny thing is the canucks have the recipe on winnng the cup just look at all the recent cup winner they all have one thing in common they were all bad teams for a while before having a chance to fight for the cup every year let's just try those strategies something new that we haven't done ever. Maybe that's a reason why we haven't won a cup in how many years they been around for
  2. [Proposal] The Sedins! (Proposal)

    I don't know what trolling is my whole point was if we trade the twin we would be better as a team start a full rebuild right now where we sit is in no mans land of course the sedins are tough their playing in the nhl . I know surly I can't do what they do so what does that makes me also my basement are fill with autographs stuff from the twins out all my sign stuff more the 80 % are the twins i could take a picture and show I'm tire of being mediocre I would love fore them to win a cup before I die at this rate doesn't look like it. I could live with a full rebuild if that means being last for the next 10 years until we get that special players and we'll fight for the cup for next 20 years after And that means getting pass the second round more then once in 20 something odd years I love the canucks been a fun since watching bure Kirk linden as a kid i belive we sign all of those guys cause it gives the canucks a chance at the cup cause hank and dan are still Around I could be wrong just my opinion stats are good but playoff I think is base on per game thing. not every team that get pass the second round have depth at some point you gonna stop and look at the guys that are getting paid the most or management and if every one is happy with making it pass the second round once in 20 years then I guess I should be too Just be grateful we even have a team right
  3. [Proposal] The Sedins! (Proposal)

    Don't get me wrong I love the sedins just hurts to see we have good regular season then comes playoff they are no where to be found they have to score to get back momentum that's really hard to do but if they could hit or block a shot the bench would go nuts bam brings the team back to life I just like the dirty and gritty guys they come to work and really have to Put in work cause not every one is blessed with skill kesler and burrow on the same line was fun to watch cause they both work their butt off getting in ppl face and pissing them off then laugh while skating back to the bench burrows bure and the west coast express line are my all time favorite canucks and of course the sedins u can't talk canucks with out henrik and Daniel
  4. [Proposal] The Sedins! (Proposal)

    Ya only cause he didn't get along with John Tortorella Even loungo wanted out worst coach ever gong show ever time can't even blame kesler for wanting to leave Kesler was playing with mason ramond and Chris Higgins for crying out loud still put on a show if he had a twin brother I pick them over sedins
  5. [Proposal] The Sedins! (Proposal)

    Buddy 18 years they played got pass the second round once and paid them top dollar that's a joke Stanley cup run all Kessler
  6. [Proposal] The Sedins! (Proposal)

    Ppl Talking like the sedins are god even gretzky got traded who are sedins again lets watch them retire with nothing no cups no player in return no picks nothing yay let's be loyal petty sure canucks help them with pay cheque ever year so who's helping who stop be selfish ask for a trade
  7. [Proposal] The Sedins! (Proposal)

    The canucks are in no mans land with them still on the team sounds like they gonna resign them after this year again canucks never gonna win the cup they reload instead of rebuild if it helps ur family to trade them just do it and no loyalty to nobody just business
  8. [Proposal] The Sedins! (Proposal)

    We all know sedins are not going any where but can we just have a little fun ppl why so serious
  9. Give him a one year deal wroth as much as the twin Then after I would give him 8 years at 8 milli0n a year give him the C also This guy gonna be everything for the canucks
  10. To ott Twins and 2018 First round pick retain money to Vancouver Tomas chabot
  11. The canucks would be lucky if oilers trade rnh to them. It wouldn't cost much to get him it's a salary dump for the oiler this kid can play and he's still young Sutter oilers rnh canucks retain 1.3 million for the next 2 or 3 years of sutter contract oiler gonna need 3rdline center move up caggiula to the wing and save 3million canucks get a true 1st line or 2nd line center
  12. i wouldn't trade chabot defence men are harder to come by