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  1. I don't...I just get so bloody annoyed at people speculating about a poor guy with a child with a life-threatening condition as if he is doing something wrong by thinking about her first. It really isn't fair and if I was moderating this board I would ban anyone who brings it up. It is pure $&!#e.
  2. I didn't play for them....I played THERE but not for them. My European experience in coaches was largely in Germany. In general, and taking into account things others have shared over time with their experiences, NA coaches are less involved in player development it felt like to me and more "win at all costs" which often backfired in my opinion. I felt teams in Europe were more "teams" and the coaching approach had a lot to do with that. One of the reason many far lesser "flashing" European teams often do well in international tournaments against NHL or high-end junior talent is due to that "team" approach. I think the NHL could learn from Europe in that regard.
  3. ...and you call yourself a Canadian....
  4. What total BS. In July he didn't know about the Delta variant or the sad pace of vaccination across the jurisdictions he would be playing in. Stop making a guy who is a strong family guy the "bad guy" here. There is no "bad guy" as if there was no global pandemic or if he daughter was not born with a life-threatening immuno compromised disease he would be playing right now. He had no more idea where COVID was going than any of the "experts" who also got it wrong. What is it with some of you wanting to crap on the players with these false narratives?
  5. I know he has an immuno suppressed daughter and I know that he sat out the Calgary team Edmonton bubble because of her condition.......that is what I know.
  6. all moot as he is vaccinated....cheers
  7. Dubas was heard on this call saying "I would have offered $10M AAV and not a penny less, JB and the Canucks will have room to sign other players moving forward - where is the fun challenge in that?"
  8. Which is why it is so sad that Canada is even worse....the bar is low and still Canada cannot meet it.
  9. Versus the troubling amount of inaction, inclusive of suing FN children, over the past six years......
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