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  1. I honestly hesitated on posting it for about 10 seconds. I've delved pretty deep into these forums and seen some questionable things, so I assumed it would be fine lol
  2. oh no, I hope we're not talking about the same person! lol The person I was talking about looked aboit 18-19 to me : /
  3. That brunette sitting behind the Capitals penalty boxes can sit on my face anytime. Nice power-play goal as well. Go Canucks Go!
  4. Really wish Sbisa wasn't in this team. Even if was making the minimum salaray.
  5. Can't handle watching Higgins & Hansen on the PP anymore. We've seen them there for so many season's now that I don't even get as excited about man advantage when their line is out. I didn't think they were PP guys when they were in their 20's and that hasn't changed for me as they got older. I know it's pre-season and lines are far from set in stone, but, thats makes for another point. IT'S PRE SEASON! Why offer the time to someone else? I
  6. Canucks management & media couldn't have hoped for a better way to close out the tournament than with JV Scoring in OT on a breakway
  7. Is "delusioned" even a word?
  8. .
  9. Please leave. You're not welcome here.
  10. I would over pay for Johansen or O'Reilly! It super unlikely but we can dream lol
  11. I don't really like the play of Sestito, and JB said he wanted more size on the bottom 6 which is why I didn't include Richardson. Zalewski is 21 years old 6'2 205 with some offensive upside and played well the last two games of the season. I don't know much about Bonino's face-off skills so I put Horvat on the LW ( they could switch) Also I didn't say not to use the cap space.
  12. If we got Johansen, I might just cream my khakis.
  13. D. Sedin - H. Sedin - N. Jensen B. Horvat - N. Bonino - Z. Kassian($2M) C. Higgins - B. Gaunce - L. Vey M. Zalewski - S. Mathias - D. Dorsett D. Hamuis - C. Tanev ($2.5M) A. Edler - K. Bieksa F. Corrado - L. Sibsa E. Lack J. Markstrom + K. Lain & R. Stanton I would be content with this lineup and thats without out adding any new pieces. Assuming we could move Burrows & Hansen without retaining cap, that would leave us 18M (assuming I did this correctly lol)
  14. The more adjectives, the truer the statement.