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  1. Tying the record for most playoff misses in a row isn't a successful season. Im optimistic for this year and would happily extend jb after this season if successful.
  2. That isn't my opinion. A gm shouldn't be extended right before the season that will determine if his decisions were correct. There you go, I repeated myself for the fifth time. Enjoy not reading it and your minions can keep their blinders on so that they can continue the needless raging.
  3. Yes, due to their hypocritical statements and getting incredibly mad for a different opinion.
  4. For what? I have done nothing while all of you have been bashing me.
  5. Doing what? Telling you im allowed to have an opinion while you spaz?
  6. Why? I have adequately stated my opinion and these folks can't handle it so they mouth off. I don't need to keep repeating my opinion.
  7. Hell bent on me accepting him as being right, but accusing me of the same. I'm fine with him having his opinion, but I'm apparently not allowed to have mine.
  8. Liberal means more than politics. I feel sorry that you can't handle different opinions.
  9. Lol hypocrite. You just need the last word and I am enjoying not giving it to you. You're the only one here that's mad.
  10. Lol incredible, I am a jb fan. This is the tangent you went on and why i keep telling you that your comments are irrelevant. I don't agree with an extension before the season that matters. Snap case liberal snowflakes are hilarious.
  11. No that's you, in fact im tepidly telling you that you're bringing up irrelevant topics and that I'm in agreement with you in some aspects but not others, but you can't handle it. It's comical.