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  1. You can only protect 1 goalie in the expansion draft.
  2. You've gotta think this guy is starting to lean toward the Canucks after this debacle of a season.
  3. You think he'll be the most skilled stick handler in the league?
  4. Hopefully, but even so I'd like to see Utica win the cup and then have those champions graduate to the Canucks after gaining that bond.
  5. You think he's gonna be our 3c? ok.
  6. I only responded in kind to those that were aggressive, condescending and belittling.
  7. Since you asked so nicely My thoughts are this guy is only 21 and remember, he was a 5th round draft pick. That doesn't mean he isn't good, it means he takes a bit longer to develop in most cases than a 1st round pick. Yes he had a great year in college and came to the Canucks IMMEDIATELY following his huge season there, but now he has done nothing over the last few months and only dipped his toes in the show. He was THE BEST in his league and is nowhere near dominant in the NHL at this point. He needs to hone his game in the AHL, where he plays against guys that are at his skill l
  8. How can you criticize me back if i'm not criticizing? You're the only one. I only stated an opinion and you can't handle it.
  9. Oh is that my ideal lineup? Did you ask?
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