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  1. Banned for not ending a sentence with a period.
  2. Agreed. Djokovic played a pretty good match, but Federer was just Federer tonight.
  3. The foot fault was an iffy call. She might have stepped on the line by a TINY bit, but the lineswoman shouldn't have called it anyway at that point of the match. However, no matter what Serena said to the lineswoman, I think she did make aggressive gestures to threaten to the lineswoman such that the point penalty was justified.
  4. Oudin wins against Petrova and moves on to the Quarterfinals. Meanwhile, Soderling meets Federer again in a rematch of the French Open Finals and Wimbledon 4th Round.
  5. That's not really fair to say. Serving is a big part of tennis. Also, Roddick has improved a lot in other areas in the last 3-4 years. That's why he has come back in this match and it's 2-2.
  6. Roddick up 6-1 in second set tiebreak and ended up losing the set...Wow
  7. Federer vs. Soderling! Go!
  8. 10-15 cm already here in East Van and it's still coming down pretty hard. I really don't want to walk through the snow to get on a bus to UBC.
  9. Ask yourself: If students can't get to UBC, will they still open UBC?
  10. I am actually in 3rd year. Maybe it's because I am in Science. The stuff covered in the first lecture, if any, are usually so basic that you'll need to use them every time you solve a problem in the course. I highly doubt UBC will close anyway.
  11. I certainly don't mind if school's cancelled tomorrow. They usually don't cover much on first days anyway. Pass out the course outlines, go over what will be covered. Go home.
  12. UBC closed 2 (or 3) years ago due to power failure. The power failure was most likely due to snow. So yes, but not directly.
  13. Just came back home. Waited outside for 40 minutes for a 26 bus, even after checking the schedule and going to the bus stop 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. The driver then told everyone he's not going to go the full way to Joyce station because it's way too icy. Pretty scary ride, even the bus was slipping.
  14. So who's going to start the new "OMG Snow?" thread in November?