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  1. Thing is, beyond the top round/picks, they're all pretty much "wait and see" aren't they?
  2. Like the coyotes at Stanley Park.....
  3. https://thehockeywriters.com/danila-klimovich-2021-nhl-draft-prospect-profile/
  4. Jim does his homework it seems. Just because no one else knew.....he's good at finding out. I have high hopes here.
  5. Me either after hearing that most just didn't have much on him and the quick promo they just provided.
  6. They should make him put on one of their shiny gold helmets. Say cheeeesy.
  7. So you focus on only ONE element of the trade. What about the other players? They matter too. Here's a pretty good read on +/- and why it needs to be taken in context because it's directly affected by overall team performance, influenced by both the offensive and defensive performance of the team as a whole. https://www.arcticicehockey.com/2014/6/5/5602668/why-plus-minus-is-the-worst-statistic-in-hockey
  8. Uh, Hoglander immediately comes to mind.
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