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  1. I really wish they would clean house. I can't watch the endless CBC bias vs the Canucks. You would think paid professionals would be able to set aside their fan bias. I would quickly add Simpson and Ferraro to that list and keep Hrudy. At least Hrudy does try to give a balanced opinion most of the time.
  2. Beneficial to tank next season?

    Tanking has been happening since the inception of the draft. The Islanders dynasty happened due to tanking. I watched Pitt and New Jersey do everything humanly possible to lose hockey games to get Mario. We know that Edmonton kept Dubnyk in net for one reason the last few years. There is a trade deadline every season so that teams can be buyers and sellers. This is a euphemism for tanking and going for the cup. I am sorry some fans don't understand the concept yet. People want to believe that everyone is trying all the time. It is a fallacy. Anyway, I feel if its in anyway possible to tank for a generational talent, with the current team we have, you have to do it. For those who do not understand what a generational talent means, it means an Orr, Howe, Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby. Now with that said, I don't care if the Canucks have to suck all next year. Then retool with UFAs, or whatever it takes to have a real shot at McDavid. People want to compare Edmonton, to other teams who dipped down for a pick once in awhile? Flyers, Colorado, Kings, Hawks etc have all done this. We can do it to. The Oilers are doing it wrong. They are not trying to compete, they are trying to win every draft pick year after year, and it will kick them as soon as the Halls, Yakupovs start asking for real contracts. Look at the Hawks, two tanks for Tavares and Kane. It was all they needed. I hope we can do something similar right here, and in 5 years be hoisting the cup.
  3. Hopefully the media will find something else to talk about..
  4. [Trade] Bernier to Leafs

    This deal does not make sense to me from either team's perspective. LA needs a real backup in case Quick goes down, and Reimer is as good as Bernier or better imo. I guess Lombardi wanted that second, and cut his losses on Bernier, who he knew would want more money.
  5. This trade reeks. Wonder if Ritch Winter didn't force Gillis to make this deal. I hope Kassian and Gragnani can become good Canucks with time, but I feel its a collosal step backwards for a cup run.