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  1. Mr. M, do you plan on (or are you already) selling the lovely brown T-shirts online? Or just at the team store?

  2. Let me know when you are prepping your GIF article so i can send you links. Also i am crediting your site, with your crews good graces with using "Wizardous Sedinerie" in my sig. Lemme know if thats cool beans, or fart beans.

  3. are you launching a in game chat between the nucks and oilers

  4. great topic on the first 8 games i really enjoyed reading that article.

  5. I think that topic being locked so quickly, just proves your point. Pass it to Bulis!

  6. Man, I go from completely disagreeing with you in the "Trade Mason Raymond" thread to completely agreeing with you in the "Kyle Wellwood" thread. Your opinions should be the same as mine, dammit! Conform!