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  1. absolutly amazing sig

  2. Good luck on the game tonight. I wouldnt mind seeing Franzen with a cup above his head again.

  3. What are you listening to?

    White Unicorn - Wolfmother
  4. haha well yeah that was kinda the point. and you're not even a quarter of the way there yet

  5. I absolutly hate my name. Its the worst ever. Only 5 more months to go

  6. don't be scared, I come in peace.

    I often meander through profiles and it's nothing more than learning more about people.

  7. thats a bad birthday. ouch

  8. you are creeping on my profile. I'm scared.

  9. What are you listening to?

    maggot-Idle Sons
  10. who is the chick in your sig??

  11. Thanks, eh! And yes, I made it and used it a couple years ago. =D

  12. Thanks for profiling my view.

  13. not sure if you made your own sig but I love it. Also remember it from a couple of years ago, not sure if you had it then either. It's awesome

  14. nice sig/avatar. You speak the truth.